alias Natalia (bohemienne) wrote in espionagemud,
alias Natalia

Casinos system--proposed

Okay, here is my idea for how to work casinos. Suggestions welcome.

Via the banking system you can take a line of credit directly from your bank account, and you then have "chips" which are only really one item you hold but it works like a portable bank, where you can extract a given amount by using the "bet " command. Depending on the game you will either be betting against the house or against other players.

Different rooms in the casino will have different tables/machines. To become active in a given game, use the "join " command. If the game/table is not already full, this will include you in betting and gameplay, which is run by a dealer mob who acts somewhat like a shopkeeper, depositing and withdrawing funds into players' "chips" in their inventory for so long as they are in the game (in join mode). Once they are in joined mode, certain game-specific commands will be available to you that are not part of the action syntax elsewhere in Espionage MUD.

To leave the table/game at any time, type "leave". Your winnings will be automatically added to the "chip". Take the chips to the counter, turn them in, and the amount contained in the chip inventory will be added to your bank account. All losses go to the house-->the person/group who owns the casino.
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